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Gum Nut Gully Testimonials

When the time came to choose a kinder for my son, I took him with me on numerous visits to different preschools, and Gum Nut Gully was his favourite by far, mainly because of the fabulous outdoor play area! He started 3yo kinder in early 2016 without any tears and has loved every minute of his kinder experience since then. The teachers and assistants are great at establishing a genuine connection with the kids with lots of love and care. My son is now super excited about being in 4yo kinder next year and we're all looking forward to another fantastic year at kinder!

– 3 year old group parent 2016

My son has attended Gum Nut Gully Kindergarten for the past two years. He attended in 2018 for three-year old kinder, and then again in 2019 four-year old kinder. I have found the staff very helpful and welcoming. They have helped organise funding for my son so that he has had full access to the curriculum and was included in all day-to-day activities. They also helped with his school transition in thoroughly completing relevant reports. Overall, they made the entire process very easy and manageable, which helped make my life easier. I would highly recommend this kindergarten to my friends, family and anyone in the area looking for a program for their children.

– Sevim, 4 year old group parent 2019

"I would highly recommend this kindergarten to my friends, family and anyone in the area looking for a program for their children."

My son has steadily blossomed at Gum Nut Gully kinder. Right from the beginning, the teachers have all been warm, patient and positive in their approach. He has thrived in an environment where he has had the time, space and opportunity to develop. The teachers are highly tuned to the needs and interests of each child and include these in the program. I have been so impressed by the teachers’ understanding that each child is on their own growth journey. The bush kinder program has been a wonderful initiative that has provided the children with an abundance of unique and fun learning opportunities. They are able to explore, use their imagination and problem solve together - the power of play at its best! Bush kinder is a huge undertaking by the teachers but it’s approached with such enthusiasm and passion each week. The teachers’ commitment to providing the children with the very best learning environment is undeniable. I have no doubt that the amazing staff and program at Gum Nut Gully have been vital in my son’s growth and development. I highly recommend Gum Nut Gully, it is an excellent kinder!

– Andrea, 4 year old group parent, 2019

From the moment you enter the gate at Gum Nut Gully, you get a sense that the kinder has a wonderful vibe to it! An outstanding and stimulating outdoor play area and a very welcoming large veranda! The kinder is visually appealing both inside and out, bright & colourful and extremely well maintained. The children are spoilt for choice with the different play areas within the grounds. Most importantly, the teachers are so professional, nurturing & caring. The rapport they have with the children is lovely to witness. There is a real community feel too with all the extra social events that occur throughout the year. Having the park next door to the kinder is also a huge bonus so the parents & kids can continue to play & catch-up! We’ve been so happy with the choice we made to send our daughter to Gum Nut Gully and she wishes every day was a kinder day! I highly recommend the Gum Nut Gully experience, it’s been a terrific journey and our son can’t wait to start next year! 

– 4 year old group parent 2016

The first thing that attracted me to Gum Nut Gully was the peaceful surroundings and how beautiful and big the outdoor yard is. My daughter has settled into 4 year old kinder and loves her teachers. They show great compassion and are amazingly patient with the children, we are greeted everyday with a warm smile and cuddles. They thoroughly observed her and in just a short period they have learnt my daughter's personality, strengths and interests like they have been taking care of her for years.
It's just wonderful to know they are enthusiastic and committed in educating and preparing my daughter for the next big step of school. My youngest daughter can not wait to start kinder and runs up and down the porch singing her teachers' names.  So happy we chose Gum Nut Gully.

– 4 year old group parent 2016

"The Bush Kinder program has been a wonderful initiative that has provided the children with an abundance of unique and fun learning opportunities."

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Awarded Overall EXCEEDING National Quality Standard by Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority in 2018.

Our commitment to a Child Safe environment

Gum Nut Gully Pre-school is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that has been supporting children and families since 1987. Gum Nut Gully Pre-school is committed to maintaining a child-safe environment at all times and implements and adheres to current Child Safe Standards. We promote the rights of the child to participate, have a purpose and be protected from harm. Gum Nut Gully Pre-school has a proud reputation for providing high quality services that help each child reach their full potential.