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Gum Nut Gully Pre-School welcomes children from Doncaster, Donvale, Park Orchards, Templestowe, Warrandyte and other areas to our leading kindergarten.

Gum Nut Gully believes in providing children with a calm, physically safe and emotionally secure environment that will enable them to develop a growing appreciation for learning that is forever lasting.

We value the importance of:

  • respecting one another and ourselves, being aware of diversity and differences in others and accepting this in positive ways

  • building resilience by learning from our past experiences

  • accepting new challenges and being self-motivated

  • being independent, taking initiative to make choices and follow through using persistence.


We believe that children learn best through play and our play-based programs are aimed to meet each child’s needs on an individual and group level. We encourage each child to participate in a range of open-ended experiences, allowing for the building of skills and concepts of exploring, observing, discovering and achieving their own outcomes through play.


Learning in respect to ideas and feelings cannot be assessed or measured, so the emphasis is for the children to reach their own potential in their own time. The program will reflect these intangibles with the importance lying in the doing and not the end-product. Remember, there is nothing that can be taken home after block building, a session of climbing or jumping, a movement and music time or an hour spent playing hospitals, but these periods are just as important as time spent pasting or drawing.

Click here for our latest Annual Report

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