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How is Gum Nut Gully kinder run and funded?

Gum Nut Gully is a run by a volunteer-parent Committee. There is no funding for 3 year old kinder. We receive limited Government funding for 4 year old children but this does not cover the operational costs so, like other parent-run kindergartens, we also rely on fundraising and volunteer support to provide the best learning environment for the children and prepare them for primary school.

Can I visit the kinder?

Each year the kinder holds an Open Day for you and your family to come and have a hands on experience with our learning stations and to see our facilities. Please check the website or ask one of our teachers for this date.

Do the excursions and incursions cost extra?

No, all excursions and incursions are covered in the fees each term

What level of involvement is expected of me as a parent?

The kindergarten is parent run, which means the committee is made up of parents entirely and the fundraising for the kinder lies on all our shoulders. If you are not on the committee, we encourage you to get involved in all outside hours events and fundraising initiatives so we can raise funds and keep the kinder running at its best potential. Parents are also invited to join in a session per term to help in the classroom and see their child in their element.

How will Gum Nut Gully prepare my child for school?

Gum Nut Gully follows an educational program in accordance with the National Quality Framework and has been assessed as "Exceeding National Quality Standard level". 4 year old children are closely monitored during their learning and development at Gum Nut Gully with individual portfolios compiled during the year and our Teachers prepare formally written statements regarding the children's transition to primary school.

How big are the classes, will my child be accepted?

Our class size has a maximum of 22 children with 2 educators. Once an application is received you will receive a letter of offer during our mail out (usually April) or in the month after you apply. We operate on a first in best dressed policy using your deposit to secure your place.

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